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The ProtoShield mates with the Arduino UNO, Due, or Mega 2560 board and gives the user a small soldering area, two general LEDs, a general pushbutton switch, and most important of all - the Arduino reset switch is brought to the top level.

  • 1 reset button, 1 general use button, and 2 LED circuits can be used directly.
  • Prototype size: About 2.72*2.09*0.71" (69*53*18mm)
  • Mini breadboard size: About 1.85*1.38*0.35" (47*35*9mm)
  • All of the pins and the power leads are very fit and build circuit prototyping with Ardui-no.
  • Arduino protoshield prototype with 170 mini breadboard

Note: The board is hardware compatible with the Arduino Uno, Mega 2560 and the Due. However, be aware that the Arduino Due's signals require a 3.3 VDC level. Applying 5 VDC to an input may cause damage to the board's components.

While the board extends the Arduino's control signals such as digital and analog I/O, it also provides two LEDs and one push-button. They are, per default, not assigned to a specific digital input or output.
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